Benefits Of Relocating Internationally To Study

International-StudyThe number of UK students moving abroad to study has increased significantly in recent times. Many choose to study abroad because of the higher tuition fees that have been introduced in the UK. We find that we are relocating students to destinations across the world due to a variety of reasons.

Firstly students choose to internationally relocate to a university abroad because of the adventure that it brings. It is also a very attractive addition that can be included on your CV to help in the difficult employment market that graduates now face. As a result the number of courses that are now taught in English throughout Europe is growing and since the creation of the European Higher Education Area under the Bologna Process some students find that studying on the continent is a much more attractive and credible alternative to studying within the UK. International universities are also very keen to recruit students from the UK with America, Australia and Asia among the most keen.

Students are relocating internationally for their studies due to the fact that universities in the UK are now charging up to £9,000 a year just for their courses. Sometimes it is cheaper to study in an international university than it is in the UK. HSBC carried out a survey in October and they found that if a student studied in Canada for a year they would still only pay £100 more to study there, that is to include two return flights within that year. If you choose to relocate for a year to Australia or America you would pay £4,000 more than the predicted £15,600 it is to study within the UK but you also get a fantastic experience thrown in as well.

According to the survey it was a lot cheaper to study on the continent than it is in the UK. Relocating to Germany for a year for your studies would only cost you £4,200 whilst France cost £5,300. Therefore if you choose to study for your three years in these European destinations you are only going to leave university with £15,000 of debt rather than the near £50,000 in the UK. Therefore studying within Europe is a financial no-brainer. However if you do choose to relocate abroad for your studies there is not the opportunity to apply for student loans in European countries as it is in the UK.

We have helped students relocate to destinations across the world and move them back again. Often they describe the experience as ‘life-changing’ because it can have a profound effect on not only the way you view the world but how people view you. You need to relocate for at least a year to really have the best out of the experience; a term is simply not enough because it can go so fast.
Studying abroad for a year or longer allows you to become more culturally aware and gives you the opportunity to experience a more diverse world.

Relocating internationally for your studies allows you to get ahead in the jobs market. Research carried out by the IIE, Institute of International Education revealed that employers who are recruiting new staff look at interpersonal skills of each person and they found that individuals who had relocated for a year or more are more likely to have the strongest skills. Not only does it allow you the opportunity to discuss your experiences in job interviews but it also shows potential employers that you have the courage to study abroad and have life experiences that other candidates will not have.

Experts believe that employers looking for international experience will only increase as it prepares you for a career in business and other public sectors. Many corporate companies and government sectors confirm that their high performers need to be able to think and work on a global basis and studying abroad, either in Europe or internationally, does just this.
Relocating internationally for academic reasons can only benefit you not just as a person but for your future career which is why we are seeing an increase year on year on students employing our services to relocate for a year or more to study.

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