Corporate Moving


Corporate Moving

If you or your business has to relocate through for work purposes we can help. Vanpac International has an excellent corporate relocations package available that has successfully relocated thousands of employees throughout the world. We strive to ensure that the corporate relocation is completed as efficiently and effectively as possible, causing the minimal amount of disruption to both you and your employees.

Relocating For Work? We Can Help!

If you are moving to a new job with your company, whether it is within the UK or further afield then we can help you. We have a dedicated corporate relocation service that is second to none, with our team of experts on hand every step of the way. We will take the anguish out of the move because we take care of all aspects of the move, appointing you with your own single point of contact.

We have helped move one member of staff moving to a new home locally through to relocating an entire office to an international destination. It is a vital part of any business to successfully relocate employees either to areas across the UK or often to locations across the globe; our expert team of corporate specialists can make the move go with ease.

Our corporate moving specialists have the ability to complete the entire process of your relocation for you. They are trained to spot any issues before they actually arise and they will always find the perfect solution to any problems. We will liaise with your company to form a complete plan of your entire move. We will inform you about all of the finer details, such as schools in the area and doctors services nearby. We take care of the transporting of the entire contents of your old home to your new one and also offer storage if necessary.

If you are moving internationally our corporate moving advisers will be able to offer advice on all aspects of customs regulations for the country that you are moving to. Any red tape can be overcome when they are working alongside you for a stress free move.

Taking Care Of Your Employees

Perhaps you are a company who are relocating employees to new posts either within the UK or further afield. If this is the case then you will need to rely on the services of a domestic and international relocation company that will be able to relocate your employees as efficiently as possible and get them up and running in their new location.

You see Vanpac International understands the importance of a successful relocation for your employees in order to make your business a success. It is not simply your employee that has to make major lifestyle changes but their family also. That is why we offer a first class corporate removals service, so that your business experiences the minimal amount of disruption.

What our clients have told us in the past is that they appreciated our personal approach to their move more than anything else. A service that is tailor made to their needs to ensure that the relocation is an easy transition wherever they are relocating to in the world.

Our Corporate Moving Approach

We strive to make the relocation as stress free for both employer and employee, working alongside each company to simplify the relocation process for everyone involved.
We believe that planning is key to any successful corporate move and so we will work alongside you from beginning to end. We begin the process by arranging a meeting to understand your business and its objectives; this enables us to create a tailor made corporate moving service around your needs. Every corporate relocation is different, we appreciate that, and so we approach each move as an individual case.

We use all of our extensive knowledge about corporate moving to deliver the best solution to your business’ aims and needs.
Vanpac International has been involved in corporate relocations for over thirty years so we have the scope of resources, extensive knowledge and the experience to relocate you efficiently and effectively whilst always remaining cost-effective.

If you are interested in our first class corporate relocation service then simply contact us on 023 8042 8559 and we will be happy to discuss matters with you. Alternatively you can email us at and one of the team will get back to you.