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European Removals

Vanpac International specialise in European removals to destinations across the continent. We offer a complete European removals package to all areas of Europe and not just the ones that are frequented on a regular basis. We carry our removals to the far flung areas of Europe but obviously our most frequented routes are to the typical expat countries such as Spain, France and Portugal.

All of the countries have different laws and customs and our team is expertly trained and has extensive knowledge about all European countries so that your European removal goes as smoothly as possible. Below are some interesting facts about the European country that you may be moving to.


There are thought to be around 761,000 expats in Spain and the number is increasing year on year. Around 12% of the Spanish population is made up of expats, all moving to Spain for a better life than the one they have in the UK. In fact Spain has one of the largest British born population outside of the UK, the population of Britons in Spain is twenty five times the population of Gibraltor. Of the 761,000 Britons, 21.5% of them are over 65 years of age.
We find that expats move to three main areas, Andalucia in the south, the island of Majorca and the Valencia region.

You don’t need a visa to move to Spain from the UK but within three months you will need to obtain a NIE and residency card. To open a bank account you will need to have 1,200 euros in cash.
You can still receive your state pension whilst living in Spain and when you get there you need to apply for a form S1 which allows you to be treated in the doctor’s surgeries over there just as a Spanish resident would.


Similar to Spain, you can still get your state pension whilst living in France and you don’t require a visa to live here. The population of France stands at around 60million and it is thought 500,000 of these are Brits. We regularly relocate people to Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Lille and Toulouse. France has the second best life expectancy in the world, which is why many people decide to relocate here. The French have a relaxed way of life and us Brits want to escape the rat race here in the UK and lead a quieter way of life.


Around 50,000 Brits have left the UK to go and live in Portugal, it ranks in the top three countries that we relocate to behind Spain and France. Brits move there because it has a very low crime rate and beautiful landscapes along with a warm climate. Brits tend to migrate to the Algarve and it is one of our more popular destinations to relocate people to. As it is part of the EU there is no need for a visa and you will not need a work permit either, however to get a job you will need proof of residency.


There are 30,000 British people living in Italy and many relocate here after they retire. However thousands actually look for work in Italy and they need a work permit to be able to do this. You don’t need a visa as Italy is in the EU but you will need to get a residence permit through the local police station. Once you have your residence permit you can apply for a fiscal number, like a National Insurance number, and also register with a doctor. If you are retired you get basic free healthcare and if you are working your taxes allow you to get free healthcare too. However many expats take out extra health insurance because waiting lists are long here.
The lifestyle in Italy is outstanding with great food and they respect time spent with the family. The cost of living is cheaper in Italy than it is in the UK.
As with most other countries, consider renting first before buying any property as you will get to know which areas suit you best.


There are more Brits in Germany than you probably thought. In fact there are 105,000 of them in the different towns and cities but this is small in comparison to the total population of 82 million. Berlin has the most residents; in fact 3.5million live here alone. Germany is very populated, the second most populated country in Europe after Russia.
Many Brits relocate here to live in the main cities, mostly for work. We regularly relocate people to Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, Stuttgart and Frankfurt.
Germany is a member of the EU so you don’t need a visa to move here and once here the lifestyle is very exciting. Germany has the largest economy in Europe and there are a lot of major companies based here which employ many expats.

Vanpac International can help you relocate easily to the popular European destinations above. Whether you are moving home or office we have the ability and know-how to complete the move to the highest possible standard. All of our staff are expertly trained and can provide you with details about all of the destinations in Europe that we relocate to on a regular basis.

If you would like to discuss things in greater detail then simply call us on 023 8042 8559 and one of the team will be happy to help.