International Moving

International Moving

International Removals

Moving anywhere can be a very stressful time in one’s life but moving internationally increases this stress phenomenally. We at Vanpac International believe that the main reason for the stress is due to the lack of knowledge about what the move will entail and what you might well be facing. So if you are moving internationally we would like you to follow our tips below and hopefully guide you in the right direction to relieve the stress from your international relocation.

The Process

We believe that the very first thing that you need to do is find a professional removals company that offer a personalised service. We feel that every relocation is unique in the service that is provided, the items that need to be shipped and the timing of the move. Therefore we recommend that you hire a removals company that can supply you with your very own moving coordinator, such as we do. The reason that we appoint you with your very own removals agents is their ability to guide you from start to finish through the relocation. Many of our clients find the service invaluable at a time when they need as much support as they can get. They will successfully complete the logistics for you whilst offering quality guidance at the same time.
An international relocation involves the packing of all of your effects to be shipped to an international destination; therefore the job needs to be completed correctly. Don’t just ask anyone to help you with this task because you are transported your most prized possessions across the other side of the world so they need to be packed safely and securely. We advise clients to try and appoint the help of professionals to help with the packing of your belongings, the shipping is important but people forget that the packing of them first is also important. Of course you can pack your belongings yourself but you will need to estimate the quantity of the goods that you will be shipping internationally and the various packing materials that you will need. If you appoint a professional, such as an expertly trained Vanpac representative, then the stress it taken off you and put into the hands of experts.

Ask About Insurance

Remember your belongings are being transported to the other side of the world in international relocations so you need to be safe in the knowledge that your removals have added the correct insurance policy to your consignment. Vanpac International are fully insured to transport all manner of goods to anywhere in the world, if you are employing the services of another international removals company you need to find out if they are too. The company should have their insurance policy available for you in written form for you to take away and read. You need to know what their policy is in regards to claims and how they solve them if one does end up taking place.


Many people find that they need storage either in the country that they are departing from, in this case the UK, or in the country that they are moving to. Find out if your removals firm offers storage solutions for you and your family.

BTW Vanpac offer dedicated self storage services right from our depot in Southampton meaning that your belongings are not sent across the UK just to be stored.

Review Your Removals Company

If you are still unsure of which removals firm to go with you can always Google the company on the Internet and see if some horror stories arise about them. We at Vanpac International guarantee a professional and efficient international removal for each and every client but not all removals company offer the same level of professionalism as us. Don’t be one of the people who end up regretting the company that they choose for their international removal. Remember an international relocation is very different from a national move within the UK. Your international move will require export packing, which is different from packing effects for short distances, and there will also be export documentation and customs and procedures to follow. When you are perfectly clear about what you need shipped you should be provided with a full transparent quotation for your international move. Vanpac International provides a free no obligation quotation for your move that is extremely detailed so that you understand everything that the move is going to entail.

Top Destinations

Here is a list of top destinations we move people and business to on regular basis, you can click on the link to find out more about the country its self and get in touch.




New Zealand

South Africa



We can move anyone to anywhere in the world, the list above is just our top destinations.

We understand that moving to an international destination requires precise planning and organisation so your belongings are 100% safe and secure whilst in our possession. Rely on the experts for your international relocation so rely on Vanpac International. Call us today on 023 8042 8559 and speak to one of our dedicated representatives or alternatively go to our contact us page if its out of hours.

Vanpac international are the preferred international removals choice for many customers based in Southampton.We can move you and your family to anywhere in the world quickly and efficiently.
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