Moving To America


Moving to America

America is the most popular destination for people to relocate to in the world.

Over 1million people every year choose to relocate to one of the fifty states and that does not even include the 3.5million people who move there temporarily for work.  These numbers alone make the USA the most popular emigration destination in the entire world.

People move here for the opportunities that the country can offer and the diverse lifestyle because no two states in America are the same. The population of America stands at 290 million, only 829,000 of these people are Britons who have relocated here to start a new life.  Of these 829,000, 140,000 are of retirement age.

Moving to America is relatively easy for us Brits because English is the primary language just like ours.  Spanish is also spoken though by a sizable minority.

In regards to the temperature and climate it is hard to pin point because the country is so vast so it depends on where you are moving.  Alaska has a very arctic climate whilst Florida and Hawaii are more tropical.  The great plains located west of the Mississippi River are semiarid and the Great Basin of the southwest is predominantly arid.

Things You Need To Know About American Life.

There are certain things that you need to know about America before you make the move.  For instance credit cards are an ingrained part of American life unlike in the UK.  In America they will expect you to pay by credit card for virtually everything, such as renting a car, placing a phone order, airline tickets and so forth.

When you move to America you will need to establish credit, even if you don’t want a credit card.  You will need credit for almost anything from renting an apartment to even having the basic utilities in the house such as gas and electricity.  So your first port of call is to open a bank account to get a credit card.  In some cases you can take a loan of $500 against the $500 that you have in the bank and then pay it right back and though this may sound silly it does help you to establish credit.

Remember medical insurance in America is a must because they do not provide a free health care system like we have here.  Medical insurance can be expensive but you need to get all of the family covered from the very beginning.  It is best to take all of your medical cards, prescriptions and immunisation records with you from the UK.

If you have young children when you move to the USA and both parents intend on working then you will need to enroll your child in a day care centre.  These are very expensive in America with some families paying hundreds of dollars every week for the privilege.

Getting Around.

The USA has fifty states and each one has different traffic laws and driving habits.  Most people take driving classes in their area and apply for a local licence because some states require you to do so.  Some states that don’t require you to have a local licence but your insurance company probably will.  When you apply for a local licence you have to give your national and international drivers licence.

Remember driving laws differ from state to state so it is best to go to an AAA office or Police State office where you can get an instruction book of the local driving laws in the state that you are moving to.

Buying Property

Many Americans rent their property’s rather than buy them.  Since the economic downturn when many Americans lost their homes to sub prime mortgages, many decided to never buy again or rent for the foreseeable future.

The style of housing in the USA is huge and the prices of property is also wide ranging.  Perhaps it is best for you to rent in the area first and then decide which suburb and style of house you like before committing to buying anything.  It is also advised to look at neighbourhoods during the night to get a feel of the area well.

Working in America

If you have a job in place before you move to America then half the battle is won because it is very difficult to get a job once you move over there.  Even though the USA has the biggest economy in the world it often proves to be a very difficult market for foreign people to break into.  Due to the labour laws that they have in place it may restrict you from getting a job.  You need to apply for a visa, or Green Card, and even when you obtain one there is no guarantee that it will secure you work.

Different parts of America have very different unemployment levels but the majority of the work force in the USA work in some shape or form for the state.  It is best to have a job in place with your company before you leave for America because once you are out there it is much harder to find a job, there is an unofficial queue for employment and unfortunately it allows US resident to be first in that queue.

However once you gain entry permanently to the USA the possibilities are endless.  Remember this is the land of opportunity so make the most of it, just like our past clients have done in the past.

If you are looking to relocate to America and would like to employ the services of Vanpac International then simply call us on 023 8042 8559 and one of our advisers will be happy to take your call.  They can fully discuss your move to America and go through all of the various shipping methods that we offer to get you and your effects over there safely.