Moving To Australia


Moving to Australia

If you are lucky enough to be moving to Australia you really should know all of the facts about this vast country before making the move. We at Vanpac International have compiled a document about Australia, detailing all of the facts that we feel that you will need to know before that all important move.

Australian Lifestyle Facts

The population of Australia stands at around 19.7 million with English being the native language. Canberra is the capital city with 92% of the population being Caucasian, 7% being Asian with the remaining 1% being aboriginal. Australia has many different terrains, from long golden beaches to tropical rainforests and mountain ranges and deserts; it really is a country of contrasts.

Australia is the world’s smallest continent but the world’s sixth largest country. Most Australians have settled along the eastern and southeastern coasts. Australia also has a varying climate, arid and semiarid in general the south and the east tends to be temperate whilst the north is tropical.

Remember Australia is the opposite in seasons to the UK, their summer is between December and February and their winter between June and August.

The major cities that we relocate people to on a regular basis is:

Western Australia, Sydney, New South Wales, Brisbane, Melbourne, Victoria, Adelaide, Perth, Queensland, South Australia

Driving In Australia

Australians drive on the left hand side of the road and an international driving licence if fine. Laws and driving regulations differ from state to state but generally you need to have your International Licence along with your UK licence. Once you have been in Australia for three months you need to apply for a drivers licence there.

Schools In Australia

The schooling system in Australia is divided up into five sections: preschool, primary school, high school, vocational and career training and lastly university. Whilst some of these sections are similar to the school system in the UK the form of teaching in Australia is different. Out there less importance is placed on memorising and outward discipline and instead self-discipline is taught and questioning and finding out is pressed upon.
Children can leave school in Australia at the age of fifteen but many choose to stay on and complete the Year 10 qualification.

Working in Australia

People have been relocating to Australia for work for many years because it is renowned for the quality of life it offers you and also the many opportunities that are available to you over there. In fact Britons make up the second largest group of migrants that move over to Australia for work, only New Zealanders move over there more than us. Just between July 2008 and June 2009 13.6% of the people that entered Australia were from good old Blighty.
Many studies and surveys have been carried out which suggest that Australia is ranked as one of the “Top 3”, this means that it is classed as one of the top three countries to relocate to by skilled workers, expats, students and investors. So what is it about Australia that us Brits love so much that we are prepared to move to the other side of the world to get it?

Well the UK and Australia are quite similar in many ways. We both share the same language, similar schooling system and our history is intertwined. However Australia have a very different work ethic to us, they believe strongly in “work to live, not live to work” and this is reflected in the sort of live that they lead out there. Australia is often known as the ‘lucky country’ because of the sort of life that you can easily achieve here. Real estate is relatively inexpensive compared to here; a family home in a good area can be purchased for £200,000. There is warm weather all year round, a very good education and health system and the country has economic stability. How can you not fall in love with Australia?

Well it seems that us Brits are very happy when we relocate to Australia permanently. According to the Changing Settlement Experience of New Migrants Report it confirms that within 18 months of people moving to Australia 95% of the skilled migrants have managed to find themselves a permanent job. 94% of these people have confirmed that they are very satisfied with the move and the new lives that they have created for themselves.

Vanpac International can help you begin your new life in Australia and start enjoying what has been described above. Simply call our international removals team on 023 8042 8559 and one of our friendly advisers can begin discussing your Australian relocation with you. Follow what thousands of our clients have done over the last thirty years and begin a new life in Oz.