Moving To Brazil


Moving to Brazil

Vanpac International has noticed over the last two decades that the number of expats moving to Brazil is increasing year on year, mainly due to its importance on the global stage. Brazil is emerging as a significant player in the political and economic world and so many people are moving over here for work purposes. However others are also retiring out here to enjoy the more relaxed way of life.
If you are relocating to Brazil you are probably going to be moving to a city over there as 138 million other people do in Brazil. In fact only 32 million people live in areas outside of Brazilian cities.

Brazilian Life

Most people live in apartment blocks or flats that are located along the coast of the major cities in Brazil, very picturesque. Brazil is similar to the UK in some ways in that there are fantastic shopping centres to explore with many offices and factories located within the cities. You will see many of the same fast food outlets that you frequent here as well as big supermarkets.
Brazil is favoured by thousands of people as a destination to relocate permanently to because of its continued economic growth, its laidback lifestyle and the fantastic climate that the country has to offer.

Working in Brazil

Many of our past clients have moved there to work in energy production, due to the discovery of the Tupi oil field and also the abundance of construction jobs available. It is thought that in the future Brazil could become an oil superpower as the country has discovered huge oil reserves in recent years; many Britons will relocate over here to work in the oil industry as a result. The construction jobs will mainly come from the FIFA World Cup in 2014 and then the Olympic Games in 2016. Brazil is expanding fast and it needs workers to be able to do that so it is hardly surprising that Vanpac International is expecting our relocations to Brazil to increase significantly in the coming years.

As a result Brazil is becoming a magnet for people wanting to relocate to and not want to come back. Foreign investment in the country is strong and skilled workers are flocking there in their thousands. We have relocated clients here due to the deep water oil research being carried out over there and the country’s pioneering fields of ethanol productions that is attracting experts from the UK.

We find that the most popular destination for our clients is by far Sao Paulo, Brazil’s largest city. It is home to 20 million people and the city has a lot to offer in terms of jobs for expats, more than anywhere else in Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro is also a popular choice, it is the most visited city in Brazil after all but the employment rates here are lower for foreigners than they are in Sao Paulo.
Brasilia and Salvador are also popular destinations that we relocate to on a regular basis.

So you could say that we are very experienced when it comes to moving our clients to Brazil so we always know what to expect from each one.
Brazil has seven categories of application for a permanent visa if you intend to work or live in Brazil so our representatives will be able to guide you through all of this. The categories for your visa include marriage and family, business executives, entrepreneurs, investors, high level specialists and those that are retired. It can seem like a tiresome list but our international removals agent that we appoint to you will be able to take all of this in hand because they will have helped thousands of clients do just that in the past.

When you employ the services of Vanpac International you really are employing the services of experts in relocations to Brazil. Once you decide to relocate to Brazil with us we will:

  • Appoint you with your own international removals agent
  • Discuss packing, shipping methods, collection and delivery of your goods to Brazil.
  • Provide a superior removals service to Brazil that is unlike any other

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