Moving To Dubai


Moving to Dubai

A couple of decades ago Dubai was nothing more than a desert but times have changed.
In 2012 alone there were more than 240,000 Britons living in Dubai, mostly made up of the English and the Scots. In 2008 there were just 120,000 British people living there, so you can see how many people are moving out there on a permanent basis, the number doubled in just four years. Most of these Britons took their families with them and Vanpac International moved many over there to begin a new life.
Dubai is a true cultural melting pot with people from all over the world living there. You could never be bored in Dubai either because there is simply too much to see and do and their attention to detail and need for luxury wherever you go makes it a fantastic place to relocate to. The climate in Dubai is hot all year round but you are never far away from a beach to help you cool down.

Practical Tips For Residency In Dubai

If you are planning on living and working in Dubai then you are going to need to obtain a visa. You will get an automatic visit visa when you visit Dubai from the UK but to live and work here is totally different. Sometimes it can be a bureaucratic nightmare to get your residency visa in place. If however you are relocating out here with your company they should help you get your visa in place.
If you already have an employment visa in place then it is relatively simple to move your family out here with you.
Once you have obtained your visa you next port of call is obtaining a health card and an ID card, all a necessity for residency in Dubai.

Different Licences in Dubai

If you intend on driving in Dubai you will need to obtain a local driving licence although for the time being you can rent a car with your international licence.
If you are intending on driving a motorbike, your licence from the UK will suffice. Have the necessary insurance in place because driving in Dubai is amongst the worst in the world.
If you want to purchase any alcohol whilst living in Dubai you will also need a licence for this. You simply cannot walk into a supermarket in Dubai and buy alcohol, it is simply not for sale, although alcohol free equivalents are. In Dubai there are only two companies that are permitted to sell alcohol and you are also given a monthly purchase limit.

Working in Dubai

If your employer has offered you work in Dubai it is advised that you have in place a healthy employment package. The cost of living in Dubai is extremely high and so you have to take into account relocation costs along with accommodations costs and sending your children to school over there is you have any.

If however you are moving to Dubai to look for work then you can enter the country on a visitor’s visa and then go and look for work yourself.
To work in Dubai you will need to have a labour card, if you have an employer they can sponsor you to live and work here. If at any time you lose you job you only have 30 days to find another one otherwise you have to leave the country. In Dubai you are restricted to the amount of jobs you have, you simply cannot go from one job to the other on a whim, this is quite important to know before you move over there.

Lifestyle Facts About Dubai.

Remember unmarried couples cannot live together in Dubai and adultery is a very serious crime out here. You can be sent to prison and then deported if found guilty of adultery. Bouncing a cheque out here or getting into debt can also lead you to being deported. Respect the nation that you are moving to, always dress appropriately and respect laws and traditions here.

Property in Dubai.

Although Dubai suffered during the economic downturn rental rates are still extremely high here. Some people have found that they have had to pay a years rent up front so be prepared, sometimes clients that we have relocated to Dubai have had help from their employers because of the year up front payment. Rent for as long as you can before committing to buy so that you get a feel for different neighbourhoods.

Although the list above seems slightly exhaustive it simply prepares you for your impending relocation to Dubai. Remember Dubai has so much to offer people as long as you respect the country. We have helped thousands of people relocate or move to Dubai over the past twenty years and they have all said how very happy they are there.

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