Moving To New Zealand


Moving to New Zealand

New Zealand is becoming a very popular choice for people when they decide to leave behind the hustle and bustle of the UK. Although in some ways the history and traditions of both countries can be quite similar, New Zealand is also a lot greener and a lot less crowded than here. New Zealand is a great country to raise a family as they have a world-class education system in place that is mostly free and there are so many recreational activities for families to enjoy. New Zealanders are laid back and welcome expats easily and although their work ethic is strong they also believe firmly in quality time away from the office. If you do emigrate out here for work the commute is relatively easy and even if you will be working in one of the biggest cities in New Zealand you are still always within minutes of a beach or park.

New Zealand Facts

New Zealand is about the same size as the UK but has a population of just 4.4 million people so it is a lot less crowded than the UK. Known affectionately as kiwis around 69% of the population are of European descent whilst 14.6% are Maori. New Zealand is made up of two islands, the North Island and the South Island. Three quarters of the population live on the North Island and one third of them live in Auckland. The rest of New Zealanders settle mostly in Wellington, Christchurch and Hamilton.

New Zealand coped well with the economic recession and there are a lot of job opportunities over there, especially in healthcare, IT and engineering. Construction jobs are readily available along with many other professions.
Due to the amount of people relocating to New Zealand on a regular basis we service all of the major ports there such as Wellington, Tauranga, Napier, Nelson, Lyttleton and Port Chalmers. It is from these ports that we then arrange for your delivery to go wherever you are finally settling in within New Zealand.

The most popular destinations that we frequent on behalf of our clients are as follows:

Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, Hamilton, Lower Hutt, Manukau, North Shore, Otago, Tauranga and Waitakere.

New Zealand Life

It is no secret that New Zealanders love the outdoor life. In fact 15% of them own their own boat, no wonder with the amount of coastline that the country has to offer. New Zealanders dominate the world in terms of water sports, such as rowing, windsurfing and yachting.

Also popular pastimes here are hiking, camping, fishing and long walks either in the bush or on the beach.

Although most New Zealanders live in urban areas, farming is still one of the major exporters here. Wool, dairy products, meat, fruit and flowers are just a few of the export earners.
New Zealanders are similar to America in that they are predominantly a plastic nation paying for most things by card, cash is exchanged less and less here, even taxi fares are paid by card.
Most people who move to New Zealand permanently are pleased that they did it; in fact 93% adore their new life out there. Brits who have relocated here say that the climate and the country’s natural beauty is what they like most about New Zealand and 32% have recommended friends and families to move over there to be with them. The UK and Irish people also felt that the lifestyle and the friendly people made them appreciate the country more.
Many people relocate to the capital city Wellington, it has a population of 487,000 of which 70% are of European descent. In 2009 Wellington was ranked as one of the best places to live in the world and in 2013 the Mercer International Quality of Living Survey ranked Wellington as the 13th best place to live.

The population of Wellington is mostly made up of professionals and most of the people here are classed as well educated.

Wherever you are moving to in New Zealand you are almost guaranteed an excellent quality of life. Most surveys carried out suggest that people who relocate here are happy with their decision. If you would like Vanpac International to help you relocate to New Zealand you can call us on 023 8042 8559 and one of the team will be happy to discuss our international moving service to New Zealand with you.
We have various shipping methods in place to transport your effects there both safely and securely.