Moving To South Africa


Moving to South Africa

South Africa is one of the top five countries around the world that people from the UK relocate to either permanently or temporarily for work. In 2007 alone more than 9,000 Britons left the UK to seek a better life in South Africa and this number has been growing year on year.

Expats move to South Africa for a variety of reasons, mainly for the high standard of living there and plenty of business opportunities whilst others retire there because they have been drawn by the beautiful warm climate. South Africa has many affordable homes, some beach front, and the cost of living there is relatively cheap compared to the UK. We find that the most popular destinations that we relocate people to are Johannesburg and Cape Town. Johannesburg is a 24 hour bustling business centre whilst Cape Town offers a beach lifestyle with beautiful scenery. South Africa can offer you an abundance of business opportunities and leisure activities in a country steeped in culture. It is known as ‘Sunny South Africa’ so this gives you an idea of the great life that you have ahead of you.

Ready To Move To South Africa, Here Are Some Facts

South Africa has a population of 52 million people, of which 219,000 are from the UK. 38,000 of these 219,000 people are of retirement age so it shows that people relocate here for a relaxing way of life. Christianity is the main religion here along with Hinduism and Islam and the country has eleven official languages with most people speaking at least two or three.
The economy is strong here and South Africa is emerging as a superpower, it accounts for 75% of the GDP of Africa. After sanctions were lifted in the 1990’s investors have returned there and investment is increasing. South Africa has good infrastructure, the roads are good here and the electricity is cheaper here than anywhere else in the world.

Vanpac International finds that the most popular places for our clients to relocate to when they move to South Africa are:

Cape Town: 2.4 million people live here and it is South Africa’s largest metropolitan area, some say it is very European. It is very liberal here and most people are educated but the differences between the rich and the poor here are very evident. It is known for its culture and there are many museums and art galleries here as well as cinemas and theatres. Many expats live in Cape Town, settling in the Southern Suburbs. The Northern and Western Suburbs are also popular which are located along the Atlantic coast and in the Hout Bay Valley. Cape Town is very popular as a tourist destination and it is a major port.

Durban: Located along the Indian Ocean Durban has a population of 2 million people. It has a balmy climate and people say that Durban is a lot more relaxed than other South African cities. There are a lot of Indians living in Durban, the highest concentration in South Africa and they work largely in commerce and manufacturing. Any British expats here again live in the suburbs.

Johannesburg: The second largest city in South Africa Johannesburg is often referred to as Joburg. It is the industrial, commercial and financial capital of South Africa with a population of 2 million people. It is very European and has many skyscrapers and shopping malls. Expats live in the northern and southern suburbs of the city.

Pretoria: Located near Johannesburg Pretoria has a population of 1 million people. The city has its own university and most expats here are diplomats who have moved their families over here.

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