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Office Removals

Moving office can be an exciting time for your business but you need to work alongside the correct office removals company so that your planned office move is executed just as you want it to be. This ensures that your business is completely ready to go from day one in your new premises.
You want to be fully operational in your new office and be satisfied that the move has been completed on time and within budget. This applies to an office move across town, nationally or internationally. Organising the office move is a crucial part of the project so you need to ensure that professionals, such as us, handle the office move.
We work with businesses to ensure that their office move is carried out to the highest possible standards but below are some top tips to get your office move functioning correctly from the outset.

Be Prepared

We always advise businesses to get their office removal arranged a long time before the actual moving date. This is mainly because professional office removal companies, such as us, are often booked up well in advance.
You need your office removals company to come to the your office so that they can see firsthand what your move is going to entail, only then can they provide you with an accurate quotation for the project. This also allows you to meet the people who are entrusting with your office move, essential to any relocation.
We specialise in both home and office removals and you need to ensure that the office removals company that you are thinking of does just the same. There is a big difference between a home removal and an office removal so you need to check that they have the relevant experience and expertise to complete the move in a professional manner.

We Can Help With The Packing!

Believe it or not the packing of the office furniture is not as expensive as you think when using professionals. We have fully trained staff who can take care of all of the packing of your office effects for you. We have a wide range of packing materials at our disposal which make the job that much easier and allows it to be conducted in a safe and secure way. Alternatively you can purchase all of the packing materials yourself from our range and start early, sorting through everything that you may or may not need to transport.

Moving Office Can Lead To A Spring Clean

Believe it or not when you are moving office it is also a great time for your employees to clean out their desks and cabinets. However remember that your staff should only be packing paperwork, personal equipment and clerical items. Removal specialists, such as us, should only move all of the other equipment such as office furniture and IT equipment. Our staff have specific skills and thorough training that enables them to move all types of office furniture safely.
Your staff need to prepare for the impending move and it is easy for them to begin before the moving date:

  • Ask staff to identify what furniture they want to take with them, such as units or bookshelves
  • Correspond what they want to take with what is in the new office, just in case they already have similar items there
  • Shred any unwanted papers rather than taking them to the new office unnecessarily.
  • Save as many documents as you can in electronic format

Packing Tips

If you do indeed decide to carry out the packing yourselves there are many packing materials available to ensure that the move is carried out to the highest possible standard.

  • Obtain boxes or containers with good handles for easy lifting
  • Correspond what they want to take with what is in the new office, just in case they already have similar items there
  • Use tape, labels and markers to document and detail everything much more easily
  • Use trolleys and hand carts for ease of movement
  • Ensure that you only fill boxes to the required amount, don’t overfill.
  • Close and tape shut boxes and make them light enough for one person to lift
  • Label every box clearly and make sure that you state on it if the box has to remain upright

If the above is carried out efficiently then the office removals process goes much more smoothly. Remember the main aim is to cause as little upset to the day-to-day running of your business as possible. A professional office removals company will allow your business to be up and running again on the day of the move. We, at Vanpac International, offer a complete office removals service for our business clients. However sometimes clients want to pack their own effects which is why we have provided some information above so that the tasks are carried out that much easier.

For your office removal simply call 023 8042 8559 and one of the office removals team can fully discuss matters with you and get your office relocation off to a great start.

Vanpac international are a professional commercial and office removals company that have been trading for over 30 years, this is its own right is partly due to our high quality of service and repeat customer base. If you need a office moving company to help you business move premises then contact us today.
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