Planning Your International Move – Great Tips

Moving-TipsInternational moves are very stressful times for couples and families and it can seem like an almighty task simply getting all of the things completed that you need to in time. However we have compiled a checklist just for you that will take away the stress of your international relocation, helping you to plan your move with precision from at least four weeks before your moving date. All you have to do is tick off the things below for a move that will go with ease.

Four Weeks Before:

1. Sort through all of your belongings so that you know exactly what you have. Remember we are a nation of hoarders so many of our clients are flabbergasted at the amount of effects that they have accrued over the years. This all needs to be sorted out and you need to decide what is going with you, what can be given away or donated and what can be put in the rubbish. Sorting through your effects beforehand saves money and time so start with the cellar, loft and garage first as these are the places that you hide most of your junk. Out of sight out of mind does not apply where international removals are concerned.

2. Check your passports, you will be surprised how many of our clients have booked their tickets and put everything into motion and realise at the last minute that their passports are no longer valid. The same applies with relevant visas that may be needed for the country that you are soon going to be calling home. Also don’t do what other clients have done and pack your tickets in the boxes destined for international shipping.

3. If you have a solicitor ask him or her for all of your relevant documents back, such as copies of you or a member of your family’s will. Obtain your medical and dental records, as you will need these for when you enroll with a new doctors surgery or dentist.

4. Arrange a meeting with your bank, as you will need to transfer bank accounts, closing any accounts if they are simply not needed anymore.

5. Most people intend on driving in their new country and so you need to make enquiries about international driving licences.

6. Are you taking the family pet with you? If so you need to find out what the quarantine regulations are for that country. Collect all information from your vet about your pet, as this will need to be taken with you.

Three Weeks Before:

1. Check that you have all of the necessary insurances in place for the move. There may be more than you think, such as life insurance, car insurance and medical insurance.

2. Contact all of your suppliers. The gas and electricity companies need to be informed of your moving date so that they can stop the supply in your name otherwise they will carry on billing you without you realising. They usually require a final meter reading when you vacate the property. Also contact your water company informing them of the impending move.

3. Contact your telephone company to cancel the phone line and any broadband that may be at the property.

4. Contact the post office so that your mail can be re-directed, some of our past clients also had change of address cards made to send to friends and relatives so that everyone has a copy of your new address.

5. Let your child’s school know as soon as possible, any new school in another country might require certain reports or certificates relating to your child so the school need to have plenty of notice to gather these together for you.

6. Go through your Internet banking if you have an online account and cancel any subscriptions to clubs or magazines. It easily done online and is instant, giving you peace of mind that it has been carried out.

7. Gather together all relevant document for your trip, such as work permits, credit references needed for your new country and any tax records.

Two Weeks Before:

1. Now is the time to think about what you want to pack into your hand luggage. Only take what is really necessary and put this rest in your cases. Many of our clients decide that they want valuable items of jewellery on them rather than shipped separately.

2. Put your tickets, passports and hotels accommodation confirmation in one travel wallet. Don’t keep them in separate places as this only leads to confusion and forgetfulness.

3. Some of our clients decide that they want to ship their garden equipment to their new home. If this is the case with you them ensure that mowers that run on oil or petrol need to be completed drained before transit. If your garden hosepipe is also making the journey then it will need to be completely drained and carefully rolled up.

4. Any cleaning fluids and non-toxic items should be placed in plastic bags that have the ability to be sealed. Toxic chemicals and other flammable products need to be disposed of carefully before the move.

Moving Day:

1. Tell your international removal specialist which boxes contain your special or fragile items. Let them know as soon as possible if you have done the packing yourself and not had professionals do the job for you.

2. Keep your signed inventory safe because you can refer to this when you arrive at your new home and you can easily confirm that everything has arrived as it should.

3. Try and label everything, it makes the job so much easier when unpacking.

Follow the above and you should be ready to go in a calm and stress free manner. For extra peace of mind follow the checklist below and tick off when completed.

Document Checklist:

• Travel Documents
• Passports
• Hotel Reservations
• Birth Certificates
• Marriage Certificates
• Divorce Papers
• Driving Licences
• No Claims Bonus From Insurers
• Dental and Medical Records
• School and University Reports/Certificates
• Legal Documents, such as Wills, Income Tax Records, Bank Statements

We hope you have found this post useful and if you feel anyone could benefit from it then please share it with them.

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