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Have you frustratingly found yourself between the selling and buying stages of your homes and need space to store your belongings? Maybe your business is expanding and you simply do not have the space for your excess stock? Or perhaps you are happy living in your current home but are not happy with the limited space there. The answer to all of these problems is self storage.

The History

Self storage became popular in the USA during the 1960’s and it has taken over the country in terms of offering storage solutions, there are now over 50,000 self storage facilities now around America. The UK did not witness the self-storage revolution until the 1990’s but it was after the year 2000 that it really took hold over here too. Just like in the USA, the UK has fallen in love with self-storage and there are now over 1,000 facilities, the same amount as the rest of Europe put together.
We are a nation of hoarders and so when we decide to rent a self-storage unit we just don’t want to let it go. The UK Self Storage Association gathered data that suggested that the average amount of time that our belongings are kept in a self-storage facility is growing, in 2007 the average time was 22 weeks but in 2010 this increased to 38 weeks. We find that business users tend to rent their units for longer than our personal users, business users for an average of 56 weeks whilst personal users rent for 27 weeks. Below are the main reasons why we believe our clients need self-storage units in their lives.

Personal Storage

As mentioned you may be moving home and the sale of your new home has not yet completed but you still need to move out of your current home. Our self storage units are the ideal way of storing your belongings whilst you await completion. Our self storage units are clean and dry and totally accessible during opening hours.

You may not be moving home but are finding your current home simply does not have enough space to accommodate you and your family’s belongings. Our clients use our self storage units to store anything from furniture through to garden equipment that is only needed on a seasonal basis.

Or maybe you are in going to renovate or redecorate your home and need somewhere temporarily to store your belongings safely whilst the builders or decorators are in. After all nobody wants paint or plasterboard tipped over his or her best furniture.
These are just a few examples of the many reasons that clients choose our self storage units. Available from only £5 per week they are an ideal solution to your storage problems because we will not tie you into any long term contract, plus we only charge you for the space that your belongings take up. Only you will have the keys to your storage unit so you have peace of mind that your effects are stored safely and securely at all times.

Business Storage

Our business clients rely on us for their self storage needs for a number of reasons. Many decide to use our storage units to house their extra tools and equipment because they cannot risk keeping them in their vehicles due to risk of theft. Others use us to house their promotional products or seasonal stock which they simply do not have room for in their premises. We allow businesses to open up valuable space to expand.

We also offer self storage to businesses that are moving offices. You will be surprised how much office furniture that you will need to store if you are between leases being signed and so forth.
Many multinational companies use our storage units through to small independent companies. We have also seen a surge in the number of eCommerce businesses needing to use our facilities. We are in the age of eBay powersellers and Amazon sellers, individuals who are just starting up in the business world and need somewhere to store their stock because they simply do not have enough room at home. Our storage units are a lot cheaper than renting a unit elsewhere and our opening hours suits our clients perfectly.

Student Storage

Students often need storage during the Christmas, Easter and summer breaks. Often you need to move between digs after completing their year in university and so you either find yourself having to catch the train back home loaded down with bags or you have to enlist the help of your parents to help you take your belongings home only to return them two months later.

We also offer storage solutions to those of you who are taking a gap year and are going travelling for a while. You can store your effects in our safe and secure self-storage units, safe in the knowledge that your belongings will all be waiting for you upon your return. With the prices that we offer students it is no wonder why we are chosen time and time again to accommodate student storage needs.

Therefore whatever you don’t have room for you can guarantee that Vanpac International will. We are the perfect temporary home for your belongings whether you are moving home, business premises or simply need more space. Our on-site management team will be on hand to offer any assistance if need be and our facilities are 100% secure with 24 hour security. We have intruder alarms and CCTV throughout for your peace of mind. If you need storage then you can rely on us.

Call us on 023 8042 8559 today and speak to one of our advisers or complete our contact us page for a quote.

Vanpac international not only offer removal service but we also offer self storage services too. If you are moving in the UK or abroad and need a company that offers removals and storage then Vanpac can help.
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